Why People don’t Talk about their Trauma

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I found this piece so insightful as to why talking about trauma with others is difficult. For me, the biggest issue has always been negative feedback. It’s been most hurtful when I’ve shared my trauma with someone I care about, and that person is more set on giving excuses for why it happened or sharing their experience which doesn’t relate to mine at all. It made me feel invisible.

Thankfully, the Lord worked through that time of sharing and helped me learn discernment in who I can share with. I now have some terrific people in my life who know my story, have gladly listened, and have supported me in my healing decisions.

I’ve learned that if someone doesn’t understand my trauma or brushes it aside, to not take it personally. This was very hard initially when I was in a vulnerable place and just trying to share my story, as I felt I had no one who would listen. Thankfully over time, through counseling, group sessions at my church, and finding friends who would listen, God was healing me. I continually stayed in God’s Word by reading through the Psalms. It was truly life-giving every morning when I felt so alone.

Please read on to understand why talking about trauma can be so difficult, and how we can all be better listeners and supporters to others sharing their stories.

There are things that nobody talks about. There are things that are absolutely taboo. So when you experience these things yourself, you feel isolated. Completely alone. Judged. Ostracized. Abandoned in your pain. And that is a terrible place to be. Here’s how you feel when this happens to you – You feel as if you’re […]

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      Hello, Amber! 🤗
      I pray all is well with you.

      This post rings so true. By the grace of God, I escaped a great deal of trauma that many other people sadly go through. Even still, the abuse of my mind and emotions does take a toll and program someone. The Lord has done a lot to heal lies that were taught to me and lived before me.

      However, even to this day, there are attempts being made to program me with lies about how God views me and other women. So I am constantly having to distance myself from that and meditate on God’s truth and remain in prayer before Him.
      Some people judge and falely say I bash men when I highlight certain issues.

      I was told not to take the lies and abuse personal. I know there are other girls and women going through similar things as me and much worse. They need to know God loves them and they are precious in His sight just as much as men. They need to know the abuse is not His will and that He did not intend for them to be treated that way. This is why I write, regardless of what people say or think about me.
      Thanks for sharing this insightful post. ❤

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        Amen! Thanks for sharing, Petrina. Yes, the enemy likes to plant those lies at an early age. It’s definitely hard to get past what others think and judgement. Praise God for freedom and truth in Christ! May we continue to pursue Him for healing. His Word is so good and beyond anything this world has to offer. Keep writing and sharing!

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      Hi Amber, interesting and most likely a timely article to share with all the tumultuous events that just transpired over the last year and many are yet coming for sure! I get it but to me what you said about knowing who to open up to is as important as actually spilling the beans if not more; because we all know that once words or personal hidden facts have been released there is no calling them back and some people will do the old truism of passing along your information in some watered down version or even embellish it until eventually some kind of nasty rumor or innuendo is circulating about you which is pure gossip and will add to the original pain or sadness.

      Now I really have to say also today we live in a self-centered gimme, gimme overly revealing world where people are on social media spreading way too much around and get caught up in the head trips and games people play that so many others are also caught up in which is to me a total waste of time and not a healthy society but a very lacking and disturbed one. Instead of people actually getting out into the community and doing hands on volunteer work or forming citizen’s committees to fight back against the dirty low down politics by people we elect to serve us but instead run slipshod over all of our rights unabated doing what is best for themselves becoming more corrupt along the way until we have what we now have, the current mess in Washington, a totally self-serving corrupted governmen that actually enabled people like Fauci to work for years in developing a program to design a delivery system along with a corrupted enough government tha would be solely for the purpose of altering human genetics under the guise of a pandemic with an ultimate goal of population reduction which is what we see happening right in our faces.

      So I bring this up to point out how low people can go and why taking it on the chin and being strong regardless of what the world and people around us are doing or thinking about us; all of which really doesn’t matter in the end or final analysis! The bigger agendas will swallow us up like a big fish swallowing up the guppies that haven’t got a chance, especially if they are caught up in a frenzy school; AKA social media insanity! That is the reality we are in, and it won’t be changing for the better but will only get worse partly because people are so off on agendas, especially wasting tons of time frivolously online and adding to the damage. This was able to happen because people are great at giving disingenuous lip service but actually having to stand up and be counted or fight tyranny and oppression they are as useless a wet paper bag. Sorry to say most people today are fakers and takers!

      I remember as a boy once listening to an old preacher on TV Armstrong, a very wise old man saying this country as the next few decades progress the people will become takers and will be always looking to see what is in it for them and what they can get rather than what they can give! You see the paradigm with people is wrong now, and is not going to get better until the Lord comes again to end this strife and evil that has possessed far too many people now! Serving the beast is a real thing and it is going on all around us and even people who don’t think they could do that are actually some of the worst at times; sort of what a sociopathic mind works like and these all millions of mini ones!

      Every a person that helped Hitler build the Nazi War Machine or were foot soldiers on his or her own didn’t see themselves as evil but only trying to protect their own interests but they were all guilty of evil and even genocide which is happening now around the globe with the mess we have going on, in which the majority is being controlled by a group of very evil masterminds playing us all for fools; while Satan is playing them. So my advice is for anyone hurting to turn to the Holy Book more and buck up being faithful and strong for God not this world that today really doesn’t care about you or me in the least! Tough medicine but sugar coating it won’t change it or do diddly-squat! The reality is far too many people are messed up worse than you or I could ever be and where can that scenario end but in a catastrophe! This world is passing away and the people are making it happen faster than ever now!

      As I wrote this I remembered that you actally came to my mind yesterday and I was thinking how I hadn’t seen you pop up which I figured meant you were being wise and sticking more with the tasks at hand and not being an internet groupie. Just as I was about to say the words I did I had all of this text on a Word Spell Check and it went back when I clicked the final spellcheck which jumped the page back to this; which is something I said to you a while ago.

      “Sadly in this New World Order Construct being forced upon everyone, it will prep them to perhaps even accept just about anything to get it back; even sell their souls to the Devil!

      To me the antichrist can’t be too far off in this scenario!

      Isn’t that so very scary! I’m not Mr. Know IT All, but plain simple logic and the basic evidence of what has actually been going on spells out huge trouble down the road and I mean BIG!

      And we know by now there are extremely diabolical persons who want population reduction along with their having power and connections around the globe to get what they want!

      Dear Lord help us in this quagmire of sin and debauchery as this world is sinking fast!”

      We’ve come full circle Amber for a God Send reason. I think you know full well why! God is telling us more than ever to get prepared and wash our robes continually now! People for the most part on his internet are a total waste of time looking for attention or ego boosts and some make money off everyone’s clicks which is still fake and exploitative nonsense as I see it; using and abusing and will play games wasting our time or use and abuse and many are sick in the head or poisoned so badly they are corrupted or even evil. Very scary but I’m not saying it’s all bad only that it’s a quagmire of folly and foolishness.

      “Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher, Vanity of vanities! All is vanity” (Ecclesiastes 1:2,
      Romans 8:20 says that all creation was subjected to vanity because of God’s curse. When Adam sinned, God cursed all that He had made (Genesis 3:17–19). In other words, perfection was lost. All of creation is now falling short of its original purpose; rather than working in harmony with God and creation, inhabitants of the earth have turned on each other and against God. We still reel from the effects of that curse. Everything meant to be right side up is upside down. The chaos and insanity of the world as we know it are due to the fact that God has subjected creation to vanity until the time when it will be set free (Romans 8:21).

      God bless you and yours Amber!
      Brother in Christ Jesus,

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        Thanks, yes, I think I had to learn that lesson the hard way… sometimes you have to learn the hard way to know who to trust. But God strengthened me through it! God bless and thanks for sharing. Yes, lots of attention seekers out there and so many who continue in the destructive cycle of abusing others. We definitely need that discernment from the Lord! He is good!

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          Amber that is hitting the old proverbial nail squarely on the head and I appreciate what you said! Not just the words but because I know you mean them and it’s from your heart of hearts! I can tell it’s an inner feeling with me, I don’t like to consider I judge anyone because I sure deserve a lot of hurt for my own sins! But, though people will say or scoff at my approach at times, saying we should not judge I say back that yes we can Discern and Evaluate by all we learned along with letting Jesus lead the way first and foremost stacked up against what we face each day, so that we can in a sense judge if we should be involved in a given situation or this or that, and even whether to bother with some person or not!

          I had people fake me out many times and then being a kind heart not always capable but wanting to forgive as the Lord did, so trying to go beyond our inherent weak or lacking fallen capacity, I think OK, I forgive but then I get involved again; and then the zinger comes again! Not being foolish is something God demands of us and wants us to do, as you said you have which is to learn and take to heart what lesson came so hard, so that, you won’t do it again! But like you say, you were made stronger and wiser in the process if you truly learned. Then will power through our own free will is the key afterward to be strong and walking with Him each day every step of the way if possible, so we won’t fall prey to another set-up or distraction; there is so much of that going on especially on the internet! This medium can suck a person right into oblivion!

          The wonderful thing you pointed out was contained in these words of yours, “But God strengthened me through it!” Yes that is perfect if that happens then we’re listening and responding to His will. I said this to another very nice Lady like you yesterday, “And for now think about the Flight of the Phoenix and how sometimes things come crashing down but what rises out of the ashes is beautiful and better than what had crashed!” “You’re right it will pass!” “And remember when a door closes another opens.”

          Hope this was beneficial by even a modicum because I only do this to help; I want nothing for it not even a pat on the back or whatever.
          God bless you and yours.

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      Amber I see this as a turning point in a way, making these points far too imporant not to share so I’m reblogging it to make sure more people get the message that God send not me!

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