Expect Betrayal?

Jesus and Toxic People: Part 1 (Betrayal) Hi, friends. I’m returning to my writing series, “Jesus and Toxic People”. This next four-part series will touch on the toxicity that lies within “Betrayal”. If you’d like to check out the other posts written last year on responding to toxic people, you can check those out HERE. “Et tu Brute?” It’s nearly […]

True Hope in a Roller Coaster Christmas

Full Life Reflections: December 15th While Christmas is a season of joy and peace for those who put their trust in Christ, it can also be a season of immense grief. Between broken families, wars, trauma, exploitation, loss, poverty, health issues, and death, sometimes it’s hard to feel “happy” at Christmas. All of the songs, parties, and lights can feel […]

The End Of A Hiatus & God Lifting The Veil To My Mother Wound

Friends and readers, thank you for your patience as I took a summer hiatus to spend quality time with my family. I’m slowly getting back to writing and trying to squeeze in time when I can! It does help to have my kiddos back in school.                My summer has been full of adventure with my kids and husband. My […]

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