The Top 5 Vloggers I Follow on YouTube

The Top 5 Vloggers I Follow on YouTube

Vloggers on YouTube

When I was pregnant, and off Facebook at the time, I started looking more into YouTube videos not only for entertainment, but also on how to prepare my hospital bag, family life, adjusting to being a mom, and just genuine encouragement! From there, I really delved into the YouTube world, and I began subscribing to vloggers who I found to be both encouraging and entertaining. I am currently subscribed to about twenty different vloggers, possibly more by the time this is finished, but the following are my top five vloggers (in no particular order), and I’ll explain why!

1) Ellie & Jared

This young couple originally started blogging about their struggle with infertility. Several years later, they now have a 2 ½ year old son, and a 1 year old son. The reason I follow Ellie & Jared is because I really am encouraged by their positivity, the realness of their lives, and their love for their family. They genuinely care about other people, and it shows in their videos. Plus, I give them big props for uploading a YouTube video every day!

2) Jaimie Kight

This young Christian mom of three is truthfully genuine in who she is in each of her vlogs. I find her video uploads inspirational, reassuring, funny, and REAL. She’s honest about the struggles of motherhood and also adds in some beauty tid-bits and favorites. I’ve started reading some great motherhood books thanks to Jaimie! Jaimie posts her videos about twice a week, and she’s also on the Millennial Moms channel, where I’m also a subscriber.

3) Kayley Melissa

I absolutely love her hair tutorials! Obviously, as a mom, I don’t always have time to go crazy on the most intricate hairstyles, but I do enjoy watching her videos, AND, she has some easy hair tutorials for those busy days (which are pretty much every day for moms). Kayley does a wonderful job in communicating the hairstyles she’s doing, and she breaks down the steps for anyone to try.

4) Jordan Page FunCheaporFree

This lady is truly a super mom! She’s 30 years old with 5 kids, and is a fun, cheap, and free queen! Her life is a little crazy with a large family, but she’s the master of saving money, and a genuine example of living a full life on any budget.  Her sense of humor definitely draws me to her vlogs, and I don’t mind the financial wisdom that she continually posts in both her vlog and blog. If you’re looking for a little tune-up to your expenses and bank account, she’s definitely the one to subscribe to!

5) Mama Natural

She’s a 40 year old, Christian, Mid-West mom, who recently moved to Florida, and she vlogs about health and wellness for her family. Her vlogs are all about clean eating, healthy options and alternatives, staying active, and all while having fun! I began following her during my pregnancy and was inspired by her natural and home birth videos.

Well, there you have it, my top 5 vloggers that I am subscribed to via YouTube. I can tell you I’m also subscribed to the Star Wars Channel (thanks to my husband), Carl and Jinger, alittleaboutalot, Bonnie Hoellein (Ellie’s sister, from Ellie & Jared), and several others.

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Are You Following a YouTube Vlogger?

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