It’s Happening! Keeping it Real

Yes! It’s happening!

My blogging journey is beginning.

never would have thought that I’d be “that person” to start a blog, but here I am, typing away. Yay! I’m on the starting end of this journey, and I have to admit, at certain times it’s been pretty intimidating and overwhelming. There’s so much more to the blogging world than I ever expected.

But it’s also AMAZING. Literally, AMAZING. I learn a little bit more everyday, and I wholeheartedly respect the people that took the time to really break things down and explain every little detail on “how to get started” for beginners like me. 

Thankfully, I initially came across Amy Lynn Andrews’ blog post on “How to Start a Blog”. She breaks everything down in plain English, and makes it easy to get started. I didn’t really have to look anywhere else for helpful tips or tricks to get things going. Thank you, Amy!

Beyond learning about the blogging universe, it is a little scary being out in the open, writing my thoughts, and knowing that others are reading what I’m posting, and interpreting what I write (possibly differently than how I intended). Above anything else, my goal is to honor God with what I write. Thank you, Jesus! Also, I want to always respect and honor my family and friends in this process. Because, I wouldn’t be on this journey if it weren’t for those who love me everyday (with all my flaws) and support me in this process.

So, what will I be writing about, exactly? That’s a good question. I believe I’m just at the cusp of what will come in the future. Yes, I’m a Christian, a wife, mom, coach, athlete, and a number of other things might describe me as well, but ultimately, I want this blog to be REAL. I want it to be encouraging and uplifting, as well as a way of addressing real life- flaws, hiccups, bumps, bruises, you name it. Because life does encompass a lot of aspects; it can seem like a roller coaster ride at times; I’m hoping I can be a small piece of the bigger picture in what I write. And ultimately, I pray that others might see Him through me, rather than just see me.

“Do Life Big” – Jamie Grace

“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.” -Psalm 37:5

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