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Refinement + 40 Days Of Prayer For Our Nation

Refinement + 40 Days Of Prayer For Our Nation

Then if my people who are called by name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14

The further society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.

George Orwell

As I look back on our summer, it was hard.

We’re still feeling the ripple effects, and I’m not doubting that it could get hard again.

But God is good.

God sustained us and brought us through to where we are now.

I don’t understand why we went through such trying circumstances, but a fire was ignited in that time. A needed refinement and focus took place.

Now is the time for prayer.

Now is the time for repentance.

Now is the time to seek God.

A strong shift is taking place.

My husband and I at a “Let Us Worship” event. Our community has a had a lot of devastation due to recent events, and we were happy to attend to pray for our nation & praise God. He is truly doing some amazing things!

I have strongly felt the need to step away from social media and some other things for a while (maybe until the end of the year).

This past week, I’ve been encouraged to urgently pray for our nation. I want to extend that invitation to you. Whether you are a U.S. citizen or not, please pray for the United States.

Starting, Friday, September 25th, I’m urging you to whole-heartedly seek God in prayer for our nation.

Pray for healing. Pray for unity. And pray for our nation to humbly turn back to God.

Do your research on candidates in your community, state, and the nation.

I am not campaigning or suggesting that you vote for a certain candidate. In all humility, I’m simply encouraging you to spend 40 days in prayer.

We need to individually repent of our own sin. Praise God for who He is. And seek Him for guidance with the choices we have ahead in the election.

There are so many other serious situations around the world to be praying for. When we humbly come before God, He will direct us how and who to pray for.

He will also direct the body of believers on how to move through prayer, or encouragement, giving, leading, mercy, teaching, and so forth.

He is the ultimate source of truth and guidance in these times and always.

As confusing as these times are, we need truth now more than ever. Truth can only come from the Word of God, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and through prayer.

May we humbly come before our all-knowing God in this time leading up to the election and seek Him wholeheartedly.

Please join me in prayer for 40 days through the November 3rd U.S. election date.

Below, I have added several 40-day devotional studies through the Holy Bible app. May these encourage you to stay in God’s Word and to stay in prayer. These can be done individually or as a group.

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4 thoughts on “Refinement + 40 Days Of Prayer For Our Nation

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      Thank you for the call to prayer! We need it. Praying along for this great nation!🙏

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      Thank you very much for your decision to pray for 40 days.We had everything except genuine prayers that’s the reason we are made to go through such grave situations of pandemic.I am damn sure that prayers and only prayers can change the present scenario.I assure you all of my prayers for discernment to elect the perfect candidate for US.God bless .Take care.🌷👍🙏

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