Seeking the Wonderful Counselor in Steps of Healing

Pounding the floor with each rhythmic step, a flood of emotions swept through my body during my morning treadmill run. My gaze was set on the wall ahead of me. I occasionally glanced at the fitness center’s television screen, but my mind was somewhere else. Others around me continued their workouts with little insight into the battle going on within my heart and mind.

I felt alone.

How Will We Choose To Deal With Uncertainty?

We had no explanation for “why” this was happening, and we didn’t know “when” it would end. Even if we had the answers to those questions, I don’t know that they would suffice. The answers would only bring a temporary and false peace for the time. We’ve had to choose to move beyond the “why” and “when” questions, and ask the important question: How will we choose to deal with this uncertainty?