Craving To Be Known

Growing up, I considered our family to be more “cultural-Christians” than actual Christians. We attended church here and there, but sports took priority. Purity in my mind was having the approval of family, upholding an image of perfection, prioritizing what others thought of me, and conforming to who they thought I should be. With this heavyweight placed upon me, I […]

How To: Choosing Grace Over Perfection

Logging in to any social media platform, it’s easy to get lost in the images of so-called perfection. Daily, we’re bombarded with impossible standards. It’s easy to lose sight of our genuine worth as human beings when the world wants to tell us that we’re only valued when we look, say, buy, or do certain things. The world pushes perfection […]

From Bondage to Living with Purpose

Did you know the Creator of the universe is a personal God who knows you intimately? Think about that for a minute. The Creator of the sun, moon, stars, the Grand Canyon, Mount Fuji, the oceans, black holes, and the entire universe knows you intimately! Not only that, our magnificent God desires a personal relationship with you and has a […]

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