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Summer Update

Summer Update

Hello, fellow writers, family, and friends. I hope this post finds you well and that you are enjoying these summer months (if you are in the northern hemisphere).

As an update, I have not deserted writing or my blog, I have simply been taking on different priorities this summer. With my children being out of school, my writing time has been limited, but that is okay! I’m taking the time to enjoy these days with my children and family while continuing to stay invested in God’s Word.

This summer has also been an opportunity for me to invest in my writing in different ways. I had the privilege of attending the “Write-to-Publish” conference in the Chicago area back in June, and I’m looking forward to attending the online “She Speaks” conference later this week. It’s been wonderful to step out and meet fellow writers in person and also work to connect with local writers in my area.

I plan on continuing my series of posts on “How Jesus Responds to Difficult People and Circumstances” later this summer/early fall. Until then, if you haven’t checked out my previous articles on this topic, be sure to stop by and read them. I’d love to hear your thoughts or just what you’ve been up to this summer. Thank you, and God bless!

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4 thoughts on “Summer Update

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      Good news to hear about all of that Amber. Made me think about how you’re an example of the epitome of what it means to be like the adage “A mother’s work is never done.”

      Then I immediately found this nice poem that says it nicely! Enjoy!

      “A Mother’s Job is Never Done”
      by K.C. Carmichael

      This job as your mom is quite a chore,
      but the job is mine forevermore.
      There’s wiping, scrubbing, washing, brushing,
      Mopping, shopping, endless fussing.
      I polish your toes, I wipe your nose,
      I change your clothes, and goodness knows!
      But then I recall the best of all,
      Wet kisses and big dreams,
      bear hugs and soccer teams.
      Laughing, dancing, singing, praying,
      Sharing, caring, everyday saying,
      I’ll inspire you, I believe in you,
      I’ll make your spirit soar!
      This job I’ll do, my love I’ll prove,
      now and forevermore.

      © Copyright 2006 KC Carmichael (musher21 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
      Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.

      God bless.
      Brother in Christ Jesus,

      • Author gravatar

        Thanks for your encouraging reminder and sharing the poem, Lawrence! Yes, a mother’s work is never done, and it’s a joyful work that nothing can replicate. I hope your summer is going well and your writing too!

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          You’re always welcome, and to me you represent the best of the best, so keep being that wonderful inspiration that you are to your family and others doing God’s will. What’s that saying about God doesn’t make mistakes, and I know mothers have the most precious place in His heart of gold full of mercy; after all this was the very means by which He would manifest as the Son of mankind; one of us yet perfect and our Creator through a mother, our holy virgin Mary, which is so beautiful to me; I as an adult am only now beginning to appreciate so much!

          It is such Joyful work and service mothers perform not only for their precious loved ones, but for God! Amen.

          Thanks, it’s a pretty good summer and writing at times; I hope!

          God bless you and yours!

          Brother in Christ Jesus,

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      That’s such a beautiful featured photo, as I see it heaven sent.

      Interesting just yesterday you came to my mind and I wondered about how I hadn’t seen you here lately but right away I said to myself, Amber is very busy and makes great use of her time, so it’s good that she is so busy doing all those highly commendable and worthwhile things for and with family! But then look at this you suddenly acknowledge my posting and it’s like a little birdie tapped on someone’s shoulder!!! And we know who or more appropriately who that is, no any birdie, no so much beyond this material plane!

      I can tend to wonder so this is a great message from above that all is fine. And I had a great conversation with a special lady yesterday that I met in a special way when out and about so there is a powerful message in all of this for me from above! Praise the Lord!
      Bless you and yours!

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