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What Are You Thankful God Removed?

What Are You Thankful God Removed?

Full Life Reflection: November 15th

2010 was the year independent adulthood came knocking at my door. Starting my first teaching job in a new city, I found myself away from everything and everyone I knew. Not to mention, I was also still recovering from a severe car accident, so my abilities and energy level were not quite back to normal.

While I was anxious and slightly hesitant to be completely on my own, I grew to love the freedom that came with it. God had removed much of what I was familiar with in daily life. And there was now a stirring in my heart to find a church home. I wanted to study God’s Word and learn more about my Savior.

For two years, God showed me the value of being alone. I had time to invest in my relationship with the Lord with few distractions other than work. I had the opportunity to get involved in church, make new relationships that weren’t tied to anyone or anything I knew before, and I could read and journal every day as I studied God’s Word.

It was definitely hard and lonely at times, but it was also a tremendous blessing to rely on the Lord in my loneliness. It was a time of intense and needed growth. That time prepared me for what was to come next and laid the framework for many of the habits I continue to carry today in my walk with the Lord.

Looking back, I’m thankful God removed much of what I knew in that season of life. My hardships were good for me, and God taking so much of what I knew away allowed me to draw closer to My Savior.

It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees. The law from your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.

Psalm 119:71-72

I have considered my ways and have turned my steps to your statutes. I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands.

Psalm 119:59-60

How about you? Has God removed something from your life that ended up being a blessing? Where can you look back and thank God for that removal?

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14 thoughts on “What Are You Thankful God Removed?

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      Thank you for this very timely post!

      I was in a VERY (very!) stressful job—I realized it was causing unnecessary health issues, stress, and relationship challenges. I decided to quit the job without another position lined up (big leap of faith for me). I feel like God provided me with a “replacement” job–one where I can use new talents in a healthier setting. I feel like God put me in that situation to realize that my chosen career path wasn’t good for me any longer and that He had other plans for me. I see his fingerprints all over the provision of the new job, the type of new job, etc. I’m scared about the new job (because…CHANGE!), but I need to remember I am in His hands and He will protect me and see me through.

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      Love this

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      Amber this was an excellent blog. I think we fear solitude but it for our own God. You gave the best reason for solitude which to grow closer to God and depend on him. I am thankful that God allowed me over the last few years to focus on my worth. I used to avoid being alone because I was afraid to face myself. God is a healer and restorer. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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        Thank you so much, Ada. You are so right that God is a healer and restorer. It’s amazing what He can do in us in those difficult seasons when we submit to Him. I’m so happy to hear the work God had done in you the last few years and continues to do. God bless and Happy Thanksgiving!

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        Hi, Ada. Were you able to reply through the WordPress app or did you have to go directly to my site to comment? I’m just wondering because I’ve had others say they’ve had issues commenting through the app. Thank you!

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          Good morning Amber. Happy Thanksgiving. Yes I had to go on your site to respond. Even right now I am getting an error. It says in WordPress API calls to this site have been disabled. We rebuke any attempt to prevent you from connecting with your readers in the name of Jesus. I enjoy your blog and now realize some of my previous comments may have never made it to you.

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            Thank you so much, Ada! I have doesn’t a week trying to figure this out with the help of tech and still navigating what to do. I do appreciate your prayers and trying to comment again.

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      Thank you for that awe-inspiring post! Congrats on your new job and I thank God you came out alright from that accident. Blessings and Peace!

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