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Beyond What We Can Imagine

Beyond What We Can Imagine

“Mommy, do you think there are dinosaurs in heaven?”

Deep in thought, my five-year-old was staring out the car window when the question popped into his mind. Conversations on heaven had become a popular topic for our car rides.

“Quite possibly,” I said, “God has made heaven a perfect place that’s beyond what we can imagine.”

“I think there will be water parks!” he exclaimed.

“God may have water parks there.”

“And no one will be sad or die there,” he stated.

“That’s right. There will be no sadness or death. Everyone will be full of joy because we will be with God.”

He then went into great detail about which water slides might be there, who we might see, and how excited he was to go to heaven.

Through the thoughts and questions of a child, God was reminding me- this broken world is not our end destination.

God has prepared a place for those who love Him that’s beyond what we can imagine. It will lack nothing (John 14:2). Our best days on earth will not even compare to what lies ahead.

While heaven is often portrayed as a permanent vacation in our culture, there’s so much more to the actual place that God has specifically prepared for His chosen children…


Photo by Senjuti Kundu on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Beyond What We Can Imagine

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      Hi Amber…how cute and children start young with their great imaginations! Mom appears to have hers intact as well! The article is fun to read so thanks but guess what; just before I saw this notice popup about your posting I had just done a search for a photo I needed for one of my latest posting under whackos and one of the first photos I saw of something I was totally into as a boy like your son is now; always looking for pictures in books and drawing them at times back then! Yes indeed a dinosaur a Triceratops! Coincidence or God helping some dots to be connected?

      I’ll take it that you’re right in what you told your son that God has such an amazing wondrous adventure waiting for those who love him and anything is possible where even what doesn’t make sense now will be so easy as pie for God to allow and provide it!

      There are some funny comments on that web page check them out and here is one for now.

      “I want to hunt triceratops! That would be great. Can you give me the number for Spielberg’s hunting guide?”

      “But just as it is written, “Things that no eye has seen, or ear heard, or mind imagined, are the things God has prepared for those who love him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

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        Thanks for the great comment, Lawrence! My son loves dinosaurs and is absolutely fascinated by them. He’s at the age where he’s asking me lots of questions, and I lot I don’t know the answers to! Yes, the mind of a child is such a gift! I will be sure to check out those links. Thanks, again and God bless!

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      Great Amber and such a wonderful time and age to be! Happy for all of you and I know how he feels full well especially about the Dino’s. You are answering those great questions very well! You can let him know an adult still finds them fascinating and how this guy remembers having the same amazment and interest as a boy in such amazing creatures that God created!

      Tell him Lawrence said thank you young fellow! I used to have many figurines of them and play for hours at a time as a boy, my mom new how fascinated I was with them I guess the giveaway was all the sound effect coming from my bedroom or the living room as I was imagining a dinosaur world that I was viewing in there even getting good at sounding like a giant dinosaur; and so she would buy me additional ones when out shopping or on Christmas I’d get a new set to add to my collection!

      You both brought back some great memories and I thank you both; as I said the dots got connected without us doing a thing except being present and accounted for! Most important our hearts being with Jesus! He is letting us know as he watches over us all. Amen.

      God bless you all and have a happy day and rest of the week!

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