A Good Thing: Journeying Through The Bible-In-A-Year

What good thing came from the year 2020? Maybe as you think on it, it’s hard to pinpoint a few things or even one thing that was good in this year. Back in December of 2019, I would never have predicted the health issues, division, and unrest that would soon take place in the year ahead. I still remember being […]

Rewarding Work Opportunities for Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads (Guest Post)

Written by: Gwen Payne Invisible Moms Long gone are the days when stay-at-home parents needed to exit the workforce in order to care for their children full-time. Thanks to the rapidly growing e-commerce market and freelancing economy, remote work has never been more attainable than it is now. From starting a side business to working as a freelancer, parents can […]

Let’s Fall in Love

While my husband has made tremendous strides with Guillan Barre Syndrome, he is still recovering. It’s in these strange and sometimes difficult days, that I continue to see God working in our marriage. I’m beyond grateful that we’ve had more time together, time to work on our marriage, and really draw closer to God. I would never wish him ill, […]