Theatre Review- “Jesus” Brought To Life By Sight And Sound Theater

(Film artwork courtesy of Sight and Sound Theatre) Theatre Review – “Jesus” Brought to Life by Sight and Sound Theater By Amber Johnson * WARNING THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS “Jesus” is the story of our Rescuer brought to life by the Sight and Sound theater of Branson, Missouri. Now running live through October 2022, the theater has a 2,000-seat capacity […]

Stepping Away: Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

Breathing erratically, my mind raced. I prayed for God to take away this pain that pierced deeper than any physical pain I could have imagined. Reeling, I was sick to my stomach. My brain was trying to re-wire itself as to what was real and what I had been told was “real” from a loved one. Their reality and actual […]